Converting solutions

Pneumatic cleaning system for log saw, sand filtering for printing unit cleaning water, release of perfumes, cleaning system for carousel, reduction of compressed air consumption, research of leaks, management of process drainage water, glues, inks, compressor condensations, washing tubs for printing units

Industrial systems

Assistance to the installation of new lines, assembly of shelving and pipes, final connections, compressed air in galvanized steel / stainless steel/pvc, industrial water, steam systems, lubricating oils in stainless steel / copper, centralised greasing systems, heating, pre-insulated steel pipes, sheet metal or stainless steel ducts, submerged pumps and lift shafts, methane, Sonnenkraft technology solar systems, water treatment, water softening osmosis, systems


Glues, inks, perfumes, conditioner, soda, food, farmaceutical (material stainless steel 316 L), Kymene (material gluing ppp), process chemistry pipes in aisi 316L-T, PPP, PVC, steel SS, membrane or mechanical dosage pumps, membrane pumps for all uses, static and dynamic mixers, innovative mixing solutions, pre-assembled platforms with multi-head pumps easily wireable to any system, treatment of water softening systems and inverted osmosis filtering

Centralized systems

Construction of centralized systems of multiline distribution for glues, inks, lubrication oils, greasing, food and drugs.


Stainless steel vacuum systems, stainless steel collector, construction of structures for filters, assembly of oil separators, calibration valves and false vacuum

Fire Protection

Design, costruction and maintenance, push assembly control unit, ring systems in polyethylene, shower systems for cabinets, sprinklers, high expansion foam for cogeneration,CO2 extinguishing systems, search and repairing of leaks on large systems